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We’re connectors. We’re fixers. We’re managers.


We live in the world of food and play in pop culture. We dream big but are rooted in strategy. Everything we do is to help our clients do awesome sh*t.


Sometimes, that’s feeding the world or celebrating culture in the kitchen (and out in the streets). Sometimes it’s serving up sprinkles and smiles or igniting passion through stories. And sometimes, it’s simply speaking the universal love language of food.


In corporate jargon, FRESH MGMT is a full-service, boutique management company dedicated to helping chefs and organizations build lasting legacies that transcend food. With decades of experience in content, live and virtual events, technology, brand partnerships, social impact initiatives and creative consulting, we ensure our clients have the platform and visibility to build and amplify their brands.


But since corporate really isn’t our vibe, what’s important to know is that we bring together the right people and ideas to help our clients build momentum, inspire others and leave their mark on the world.

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